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Emergency Cache Container ...

Lincoln City’s Emergency Preparedness Manager, Ken Murphy, recently invested in five cache containers (shipping containers) for emergency supplies. The containers are being distributed throughout the city. One was just dropped off on the north side of Roads End. That is, north of Logan Creek/Sal La Sea. It is at the bottom of NE 64th Drive (see picture) near the Tsunami Assembly area.

The container will be filled with the following emergency supplies which have already been purchased (phase 1):

  • 10 Hand cranked flashlights

  • 300 Emergency Blankets

  • 300 Rain Ponchos

  • 1 set of shovels and pick for latrine digging or clearing of debris

  • 300 Hand warmers

  • 10 pair of leather work gloves

Phase 2 items (not yet purchased) include:

  • 6, 55 gallon water barrels with hand pumps

  • 300 Datrex food bars

  • 300 Water straws

  • 300 Dust masks

  • 2 basic first aid kits

This process is being managed by the City. They will improve the area near the container (clean up soil displaced by dropping it off), manage the lock/key on the container, update supplies, etc.

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