Join date: May 11, 2020


I’m Mary Krueger, the newest member of the board, filling the position left by Martin Rollins. I’ve been a part-time resident of Roads End and member of REIA for 21 years. My husband Phil and I were finally able to make this our full-time home this past summer. I grew up on a dairy farm in Wisconsin, then our jobs took us to Ohio and finally to Oregon in 1994. I worked in information technology as a database administrator at companies in Columbus, Ohio and Portland, and officially retired in July. You’ll often see me walking around the neighborhood, and some of you may remember me bicycling to meetings at the Liberty Inn and the Inn at Wecoma.

I spent my career working with computers, and though none of it involved websites, I volunteered to take over REIA website maintenance from David Jaimeson. He’s a very talented guy, I hope you’ll all be patient with me while I learn the ropes! I’ve always been impressed with the energy and dedication REIA board members have for the Roads End community and neighborhood, and now that I’m retired, I finally have time to contribute.

We fell in love with Oregon when we moved here, and it was an easy decision to make it our home. The vast opportunities for hikes and beach walks, along with wildlife in our yard and in the ocean, make this a magical place to be.

Mary Krueger

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