"Accessory Use" Information

Our guest speaker at the May 11th, 2019, REIA General Meeting was Lindsey Sehmel, Director of Planning for Lincoln City.  One of the questions that came up that Lindsey needed to research was:

"Are temporary VRD licenses (30 days maximum)  required to meet all of the land use regulations in Title 17 (Lincoln City Municipal Code) at time of application."

Lindsey researched this and found out ...

"The answer is yes, parking, maximum occupancy, and other land use regulations that are applicable to new VRD permits under 17.80.050 are mandatory. This applies to all new accessory uses and when the cap is no longer exceeded, and transfer-ability time frame expires, new VRD applications for primary uses will also have to meet these."

The REIA Board wanted you to know this information.

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