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Vacation Rental Dwelling (VRD) Information for Lincoln City and Roads End

Vacation rental dwellings (VRDs) have proliferated in Lincoln City and especially in Roads End over the last several years.  REIA wants local property owners (both VRD and non-VRD), residents, and short-term renters to understand the laws that govern these properties and steps that can be taken if problems arise.  

There are two types of VRDs in Lincoln City:  unlimited (a property that can be rented up to 365 nights per year) and accessory use (a property that can only be rented up to 30 nights per year).  Both must be approved and licensed by the Planning Department and must follow certain rules.  Click here to access the City of Lincoln City's VRD web page, which includes ordinances that govern these properties.  

VRD Enforcement:

For VRD problems like:

  • excessive noise inside or outside the home >> quiet hours are 9 pm – 7 am

  • overflowing garbage cans or bags of garbage left outside of the garbage bin

  • parking >> blocking the street or parking on your property

  • exceeding the 30-night limit for an accessory use VRD

  • maximum occupancy >> three guests per bedroom, plus one additional guest per house and a maximum of 5 bedrooms per house (16 people total in the largest, 5-bedroom, property)

  • clear signage >> all unlimited VRDs must have a sign showing the local property manager and contact information


*****Please call the non-emergency Lincoln City Police number below to report problems.  This ensures that any complaint is registered with the city as a code violation.  You may also contact the local property manager as well.
Non-Emergency Police - 541-994-3636
City of Lincoln City: VRD staff - Austin Hull   541-996-1226


Licensing Information and VRD Limits 

When Roads End was annexed to Lincoln City in 2013, VRD regulations had to be developed that governed the properties in our neighborhood.  Here is a summary of the current status of unlimited VRDs in Roads End.  

Roads End VRD Rules Approved by the City Council as of November 23, 2017

"In the R-1-RE (Roads End Residential) zone, all existing licensed vacation rentals and those with complete applications as of November 23, 2017, are allowed to continue as legal non-conforming uses without limits on the number of nights they may be rented, as long as the licenses are kept current and meet all regulations.   These properties may also be sold for a period of seven years from November 23, 2017, without loss of the non-conforming status.

“When the total number of nonconforming unlimited VRDs in the R-1-RE zone is reduced to 10 percent of the total number of lots in that zone, a cap of 10 percent shall be triggered on such unlimited VRDs and all existing nonconforming unlimited VRDs under the cap will be rendered permitted uses.

“If you are buying a home in Roads End that is not currently a VRD, it must meet all land use standards (parking, landscaping, etc.) and will be limited to ‘accessory use’ (no more than 30 rental nights per year).  Please contact the Planning Department at 541-996-1226 to learn more about the VRD land use and licensing process."


Any new VRDs in Roads End can only be licensed as accessory use.  For more information on accessory use see:  


17.17.030 Accessory uses in Roads End per ORDINANCE NO. 2017-17 Include:

"Vacation rental dwellings not rented for more than 30 nights in any calendar year, subject to the provisions of LCMC 17.80.050 and LCMC 16 Chapter 5.14"

It should be noted that both types of VRD owners must comply with the transient room tax provisions explained here:  Chapter 3.04, Transient Room Tax.






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