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REIA History


The Roads End Improvement Association was incorporated as a nonprofit (501(c)(4) organization on November 12, 1972 by P.C.Leineweber, James McGuire, Wilma Wortman, Ruth D. Grover, Paul Chambers, Jr., Alice M. Lee, Helen Becker, D. S. McKinnon, and Ray Brooks. The group was formed to work toward preserving the zoning existing at the time in cooperation with City, County, and State agencies.


Roads End History

from article by Earl Nelson

"The old Salmon River Trail, leading from the valley to the coast ended at the beach we now call Roads End.  The trail made by the Indians was later used to good advantage by the White men.   Part of the land which forms the present townsite of Roads End was first owned by Lolla Widgeon, an Indian woman, apparently the first resident of the area.  She obtained it in 1894 in the form of a 25 year trust patent from President Grover Cleveland.

A large part of the property which D.N. Hendricks purchased when he came here in May, 1926, belonged originally to George F. Brown, who filed on a homestead in 1901 and proved up on it in 1904.  His house stood half a mile north and 300 to 400 feet east of where the Hendricks residence now stands.

Pioneers also were Bill and Laura Fendall who came here sometime before 1910.  They gave their property to their son Jack in 1913.

The second owner of the Lolla Widgeon property would seem to be A.N. Lowe, a professor, who married Frank Murray's mother.  One of North Lincoln's earliest tragedies was Mrs. Lowe's death as the result of a fall down the inside stairway of their house.

When Dan Rees bought the Lowe property in 1936 he remodeled the house and greatly improved the grounds.  In 1946 Mr. Rees sold the place to Joe Morgan, the present owner.

The creek at Roads End is named for an Indian family.  Abraham and Louisa Logan and their children.  The original Logan house was located about where their modern residence now stands."

The picture below is from 1974.

Roads End Circa 1974.JPG
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