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Board & Committees

Board Members 2020-2021:

Janet Knipe - President

Annette Guido - Vice President

Patti Kroen - Treasurer

Jayne Robinson - Secretary

Mary Krueger - Board Member

Rex Livingston- Board Member

Ken  Mergentime -  Board Member


Social - Jayne Robinson, Chair

Public Policy - Annette Guido Chair

Public Policy Committee Purpose
The purpose of the Public Policy Committee is to ensure practices, policies, ordinances and actions of local officials support and improve the livability of residents in the Roads End community. The Committee works proactively, e.g., propose new ideas for implementation, and re-actively, e.g., react to the proposed action of public officials.
The Committee can receive suggested issues by any member of REIA. The Committee will evaluate pursuing suggested issues based on the significance and scope of the issue, as well as available resources within the organization.
The Committee researches, discusses and recommends issues to the REIA Board of Directors for further study.  This activity assists the Board in adopting appropriate strategies and actions to be addressed with local officials.   

Get Involved:

If you are interested in getting involved, send email to: with your contact information and the committee you'd like to join.  

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