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Social Events

As we – hopefully – leave the restrictions of Covid behind, the REIA Board is responding to many members’ requests that our face-to-face social events begin again.


In the past, the Board has coordinated two main events for members.  The Summer Gathering has taken place in lieu of one of the summer General Meetings, usually August, on the second Saturday at noon.  In recent years, members have been invited to be the organization’s guests for lunch at Aces Bar and Grill.  50 members and invited guests gathered, a great time was had by all!  

The Winter Gathering typically takes place in lieu of the December General Meeting, usually the second Saturday of the month. The organization provides wine and juice and members bring appetizers to share; invited guests are welcome.  This year we will gather at a meeting room at the Connie Hanson Garden; details will be included in newsletters to members.


We are also planning quarterly informal gatherings for Coffee & Donuts at the State Park on Saturday morning.  Those who have attended past gatherings enjoyed the opportunity to meet and chat with neighbors


In the past, we have suggested donations to the local food pantry at all meetings and gatherings. We hope to resume this tradition very soon.

                                                                                                                                 (Updated October 2023)

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