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The Roads End Improvement Association (REIA) was established in 1975 under existing Oregon Law governing non-profit corporations by a group of residents of Roads End. In the Articles of Incorporation the purpose for which the corporation is organized is stated quite simply:


To improve the viability for the residents and property owners of the area historically known as Roads End; and to petition to the proper governmental authorities for the equitable enforcement of the laws, codes, and ordinances as they pertain to the residents and property owners of the area of Roads End; and engage in any lawful activity, none of which is for profit, for which corporations may be organized under ORS Chapter 61.




Membership in REIA is available to any property owner or resident of the area for a nominal membership fee. Membership is completely voluntary, and the management of the affairs of the REIA is handled by a volunteer Board of Directors elected by the members. This arrangement has remained unchanged for nearly 40 years, even as the identity of individual members and Board members has changed.


Purposes and Activities


Early-on in the history of the REIA one of the purposes it served was social: a way for neighbors to become acquainted with each other and exchange ideas. For many years REIA has facilitated an annual social event. In some years there were similar arrangements for a winter holiday party. In addition, there are monthly general membership meetings with guest speakers and Board updates.


The Board has tried to be a contact point for general information about the quality of life in Roads End. As the number and size of Vacation Rental Dwellings in Roads End has grown in the last few years the REIA has tried to facilitate conflict-resolution mechanisms. Currently, in cooperation with VRD owners and managers, REIA has participated in the development of a set of "Best Management Practices" for the successful integration of the growing number of vacationers spending time in Roads End.


Other noteworthy activities of REIA include striving to increase awareness of disaster preparation; providing the means of making regular contributions to local Food Banks; and coordination with Lincoln City for desired street maintenance.


Further activities and interest of REIA will be driven by the needs and desires of the members and the Board of Directors. General Membership meetings are held the 2nd Saturday of each month. 


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