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Cascade Head Marine Reserve No Harvest Zone

I am urging anyone who sees harvest violations occurring in

the no harvest zone, to call the Oregon State Police Wildlife

Tip Hotline at 800-452-7888. You will be asked to identify the

area you are calling about and that answer is “Roads End State

Park, Cascade Head marine reserve no harvest zone”. Then you

will be asked to describe the individuals. The OSP does not

recommend talking to individuals trying to harvest in reserves

due to potential for conflict.

A new year has begun and with it comes time to renew my desire

and I hope yours too, to work on conservation of our magnificent

Oregon coast and particularly the stretch of beach in Lincoln City

at Roads End State Park. Even more specifically, the Cascade

Head Marine Reserve section from Wecoma to the northern tip of

Roads End beach. Having the good fortune to call this home

alongside all the wild creatures here that also call it home is not

to be taken for granted.

This section is a no harvest zone of the reserve. There are

increasing occurrences of violations in this zone. What can

withstand the forces of the Pacific Ocean cannot always

withstand people armed with buckets, sharp hooks, nets and

traps to harvest shellfish and fish. I have repeatedly called the

Oregon State Police Wildlife tip hotline to report violators in the

no harvest zone. I have often talked to people in the act of

harvesting and tried educating them that this is a no harvest zone

with mixed results.

In October of 2020, I reached a point where I needed help to

protect this area and wrote a letter documenting recent

incidences of reserve violations and some ideas to prevent these

kind of violations in the future to various agencies. Last

December, I enlisted Representative David Gomberg to help me

interact with government agencies regarding protecting this

specific section of the Cascade Head Marine Reserve.

“Protection” is a word that’s meaning is becoming rather vague

depending on who is promoting protection of a person, place or

thing. According to “protection” is defined as “the

act of protecting or the state of being protected; preservation

from injury or harm”. While the definition does not include a legal

description we do have that form of protection in this area. It is a

rare protection for a marine zone on the Oregon Coast that

deserves respect and action to enforce it with consequences for

those who choose to ignore.

Enforcement may be are only way to educate the public about

the reserves at this time as local agencies do not have funds for

this work. I suggest you contact your local representatives and

government agencies if you are interested in more funds going to

education about our coast and ocean environments.

To see the map of this marine reserve area go to https://

For general information about Oregon State Marine Reserves go

Thank you for actively participating in protecting this beautiful


-Victoria McOmie

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