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Chuck Willer of the Coast Range Association presents on the Ocean & the Climate Crisis


When: Saturday April 27th (1PM to 2:30PM)

Where: Lincoln City Driftwood Library, Community Room

One year ago the Coast Range Association hosted a highly successful Lincoln City Climate Forum on global warming’s impact to coastal communities. To a full house, OSU climate researchers and state political leaders discussed coastal threats and current responses to the climate crisis. Since the Ocean Forum, the 4th National Climate Assessment was issued and a wave of new ocean related research has arrived. Additionally, dramatic national proposals and movements have appeared to address the climate crisis.

Chuck’s presentation will review:

1. What’s new in the 4th National Climate Assessment? And, what new information on Ocean impacts is now available? Recently, leading scientists have issued a global warning that nations had 12 years (now eleven) to change course or else face possible runaway atmospheric warming. What does this mean? Chuck will provide a lay person’s explanation with a focus on sea level rise and ocean acidification and their potential impact on coastal communities.

2. In the past year dramatic new political events have occurred addressing global climate change. Nationally, 91 Democratic Senators and House members have signed on in support of a Green New Deal climate proposal. Internationally, a vibrant climate-focused youth movement has arisen. Young people are increasingly alarmed about their future prospects. What is the Green New Deal and what are the issues the youth movement demand be addressed?

3. A question and answer period after Chuck’s brief presentation will allow the public an opportunity ask questions and share views. The Coast Range Association wants to know what you believe are solutions equal to the crisis? Let’s talk.

Chuck’s presentation is free and open to the public and promises to be timely and informative for all coastal residents.

For further information: contact Jim Carlson (503) 801-5538


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