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Lucky Ending for Surfer in Pacific City After Shark Attack

The Oregonian/OregonLive reported Wednesday that “33-year-old Nathan Holstedt, of Pacific City, Oregon, was waiting for a wave Tuesday when something hit him from behind and he was sucked into the water. When he surfaced, he saw a shark a few feet away and thrust his board between him and the shark, possibly hitting it. Then, he paddled safely to shore. That’s when he realized the shark had bitten his board and missed his leg by about six inches.”

Warning signs have been posted and all ocean-goers are reminded that the waters off our coast are home to several species of sharks. When you enter their home, please be aware and stay alert. Murky waters, stirred up from recent rain, high wind, and heavy surf, make it hard for you to see them and for them to determine what you are. Remember, if there is even a slight chance that you are food, a shark will likely take that chance.

There have been 14 shark attacks in Oregon waters since 2000 and only one was fatal.

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