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Ways to Respond to Wounded Wildlife

Sunday afternoon, March 15th, a Lincoln City Police Officer had to euthanize a deer with a broken leg or broken hip. The deer was not able to stand and there is no rehabilitation for wounded deer. One of the neighbors in Roads End found the wounded animal and reported it to proper authorities.

Here is a reminder of the steps you can take if you encounter a wounded/distressed wild animal:

  1. Harry Dodson has been a volunteer rescuing injured and malnourished wildlife in Oregon for about two decades. He lives in Lincoln City. If you are not sure what to do when you find injured wildlife of any variety, call Harry for advice. His number is 541.921.0048. Harry advises to give the wounded animal plenty of space and sometimes they will simply get up and walk/move/fly away on their own.

  2. For animals that are clearly in a bad state, call the Lincoln City Police non-emergency number (541-994-3636) and report the situation along with the exact location. You can also call the Oregon State Police (OSP) dispatch center for advice. The number is 800-442-0776. You can also dial *677 from a mobile phone. Another resource is the Newport Field Office for OSP Fish and Wildlife: 541-867-4741. According to Harry Dodson, only LCPD and OSP are legally allowed to euthanize wildlife (other than marine mammals).

  3. Marine Mammals - if you are on the beach and encounter a distressed marine mammal, there are a number of best practices. First, do NOT get within 25 to 50 yards of the animal. If you do, you will create even more stress than they already feel. Keep others away. Then, take a cell phone photo and text to the Marine Mammal Stranding Network, 541-270-6830, along with location and other details (e.g. injuries, apparent health, etc). A responder will acknowledge and come to the location to assess the situation, put up signs, and tape off the area if necessary. The responder will return to adjust as the situation and tides change. More at the website here.

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