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Deer Chased Into Ocean by Dog ..

Normally I wouldn't post anything from Facebook but I was walking my dog yesterday afternoon and one of my neighbors told me about this incident. I also saw the State Police talking with a lady next to a car near NE 70th Street and saw people on the beach trying to warm up the deer.

From Facebook Post:

"Harry the animal and wildlife rescuer here in town went out on a very sad call last night. A yearling doe was being chased on the beach by a dog. By the time Harry and state police got there the woman got her dog back on the leash and the dear was in the ocean. By the time Harry ( age 65) and the police got the deer out the of water and warmed it had too much water in the lungs and passed this morning. BTW iffin you are wondering if she got a ticket the lady from Portland got a ticket. Your dogs must remain under your control. If you see a sick or wounded animal of any kind the local police, county and state all know how to get ahold of Harry."

I don't know Harry. If you do, leave a comment to this blog.

Photo by Robert L.

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