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Distraction -- Cape Perpetua Visitor Survey Report

Seems like a good time to think about something other than COVID-19, so here is an update from the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, Marine Reserves Program and the city of Yachats.

The main objectives of this survey were to better understand Cape Perpetua visitors’ marine reserve awareness and knowledge, demographics and characteristics, and tourism decisions and opinions. The survey collected data over a two-year period (11/2017 - 11/2019). 919 surveys were completed.

To illustrate how attractive this are of Lincoln County is, of the 919 surveys:

  • 8% were coastal residents

  • 33% were non-coastal residents

  • 59% were non-Oregon residents

A few of the findings:

  • For approximately half of all respondents (49%), it was their first time visiting Cape Perpetua.

  • For coastal residents, 63% had visited Cape Perpetua at least ten times previously, compared to 35% for non-coastal Oregon residents and 7% for non-Oregon residents.

  • Of all respondents, 44% indicated they had visited an Oregon marine reserve, while this proportion was closer to two-thirds for Oregon residents.

  • Approximately three-quarters of all respondents (76%) stayed overnight on the coast during their trip for an average of 4 nights.

  • Awareness of Cape Perpetua Marine Reserve has increased substantially since 2012, with now half of Oregon residents being aware of the reserve.

You can download the full report here


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