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Dogs, Dogs, Dogs ... rules of the road

Given government exists at many levels, so do the laws created by government. The rules on our four legged friends (dogs) vary depending on jurisdiction so I thought it might be helpful to write a blog on the laws that apply to our neck of the woods. Here goes.

City of Lincoln City: 6.08.040 Dog Control

Animal complaints originating within Lincoln City should be made to the Lincoln City Police Department's non-emergency telephone number of (541) 994-3636.

  • The keeper of any dog shall not permit such dog to run at large within the boundaries of the city except on the premises owned or controlled by the keeper of the dog.

  • The keeper of a dog who removes the dog from the premises shall have the dog under complete control at all times, by leash, cage or other means sufficient to prevent escape and injury to persons and damage to property. (Ord. 2006-02 § 2)

Lincoln County:

Lincoln County rules come from State law and exceptions provided by County statutes.

According to this page on the county's website:

  • Don't let your pets run loose. Dogs should be walked on leashes. Any outdoor off-leash time should be secure in a fenced area.

The county also has an excellent brochure explaining all pet rules here. In the event of a dog bite, loose dog or other issue, call the County on: 541-265-4231

Oregon State Parks (e.g. Roads End Recreational Site): 'Pawsitive' info

  • Your pet needs to be physically restrained, meaning you must be holding them, holding onto their collar, or have them on a leash no longer than six feet.

Ocean Shores (the beach):

Dogs are allowed off leash, but the handler of any domestic animal on the ocean shore does have responsibilities:

(2) The handler of any domestic animal must be responsible for the animal's behavior and must exercise direct control over the animal while in the ocean shore state recreation area.

(a) “Direct control” means that the animal is within the unobstructed sight of the handler and responds to voice commands or other methods of control.

(b) Domestic animal handlers must carry a leash or restraining device at all times while in the ocean shore state recreation area.

(c) Domestic animal handlers must promptly leash animals at the request or order of a park employee.

(d) Handlers must prevent their animals from harassing people, wildlife and other domestic animals.

(e) Animals may not be hitched or confined in a manner that may cause damage to any natural resources on the ocean shore.

(f) Handlers are responsible for the removal of the animal's waste while in the ocean shore state recreation area.

National Forest (e.g. Siuslaw):

Can I bring my dog?

Yes, dogs are allowed within these guidelines:

  • In developed sites such as campgrounds and picnic areas, dogs must always be restrained or on a leash no more than 6 feet long.

  • Dogs must be on a leash no longer than 6 feet in the following areas:

  • Cape Perpetua Scenic Area

  • Marys Peak Scenic Botanical Area.

  • Some beach areas are closed to dogs to protect nesting Western Snowy Plovers from March 15 – September 15. These areas are posted. Click here for details about the restricted areas, including maps of dog friendly beaches.

  • Clean up dog waste.

  • Leave aggressive or unusually noisy dogs at home.

  • For the safety of others and your dog, we recommend keeping your dog on a leash wherever you're hiking.

  • Remember to bring extra water, first aid supplies, and an ID tag for your dog.

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