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Lincoln County Facial Covering (KN95) Giveaway on June 30th, 3PM to 7PM

Local Community Emergency Response Team Members (CERT) and Fire Districts of Lincoln County have scheduled a second drive thru pick up of free face coverings for Tuesday, June 30, 2020, from 3:00pm to 7:00pm.


Provided face coverings are disposable and similar to medical masks, which are durable but not recommended for washing. An earlier drive thru pick-up event was held on June 13th where over 17,000 face coverings were distributed to the public.

Instructions to Receive Face Coverings for Your Household:

Go to one of the locations listed on Tuesday, June 30th, follow posted directions at pick up locations:

  • When you reach the front of the line, put your car in park, stay in your car

  • Hold up fingers to show number of face coverings you need

  • Roll down your window to receive your bag of face coverings

  • Drive away – the CERT and Fire Team Members will not be able to answer questions

An informational handout on face covering use will be provided in your bag.

Participating Sites and Agencies In Lincoln City:

Otis Fire Station 381 N Old Scenic Hwy 101

North Lincoln CERT North Lincoln Fire and Rescue

North - Lincoln City

St. Clair Fire Station 4520 SE Hwy 101

North Lincoln CERT

North Lincoln Fire and Rescue

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