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"Old Elk Trail" sign ... standing tall again

The Lincoln County Historical Society began installing (educational/historical) signs all over Lincoln County beginning in the 1950s. All told some 40 signs were installed to northern, southern, eastern and western boundaries in Lincoln County and many points between. This program remained fairly active up until the late 1990s.

Budget cuts then brought an end to the sign project. A small grant (about 10 years ago) paid for some of the signs to be "spruced up" a bit ... but the Old Elk Trail sign (across Logan Road from the Roads End State Park) was not one of them.

The sign has degraded over the years. At the June REIA general meeting, one of our members pointed out the sign was starting to tilt to the east and perhaps in danger of falling over.

The REIA Board asked Lincoln City Parks and Recreation if their maintenance crew could stop by, take a look, and perhaps breathe new life in to the old sign. They did. It is now standing upright again. Joe Miller (Parks & Open Space Supervisor) said it took eight crew members to get the sign firmly "re-planted" in the ground.

A huge THANK YOU to the city maintenance team for giving that old sign more life. Take a look next time you drive (or walk) by.

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