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15 Neighborhoods Initiative Petition

“Fifteen Neighborhoods” is a coalition of 26 residential neighborhoods located in unincorporated communities in Lincoln County. This coalition is sponsoring a petition for an initiative to be placed on the May, 2021 ballot in Lincoln County.

Fifteen Neighborhood representatives are currently collecting signatures from all Lincoln County voters to support their May ballot initiative. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, they are using alternative means of educating the citizens and for collecting signatures for their proposal.

The initiative seeks to establish new regulations that would alter Short Term Rental (STR) licensing policies in unincorporated Lincoln County. If enough people sign the petition to qualify it as a ballot measure and the ballot measure passes, the Lincoln County Zoning Code would be amended to prohibit new Short term Rental licenses in specific zone designations, i.e. single family residential, and low density zones. The new rules would not apply to incorporated cities, such as Lincoln City (including Roads End), which already have regulations governing their zoning codes.

For information about the full initiative and to access an electronic signature sheet, please visit the 15 Neighborhoods website at: You can download a signature sheet, sign it in two places, date it and submit to the address provided on the site. Or, you can email the organization directly at to have a petition and signature sheet delivered to your home.

Again, all registered voters in Lincoln County are eligible to vote for this initiative even though it will apply only to unincorporated areas of the county.

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